Thank you

Thank you for supporting our event and wanting to compete in our event.

What you can expect

one Day 1

Competitors will start at the event ‘base station’ before heading to have their car scrutineered before the race begins and getting ready drive through their prolouge stage’s to determine their start order for the 1st stage on Monday morning.

Once competitors have finished the prologue stages the will head back to base camp for a quick check over and get ready for what awaits them Sunday night.

After a quick competition stage and nights rest, all competitors will make their way to the first stage where they will be required to be self-sufficient for the next 6 days following stage and race instructions before they embark on the upcoming tests and challenges coming their way.

Days 2 to 6

Racers will set off again, being fully self-sufficient, following their allocated GPS coordinates across the different terrains and properties including steep and soft sand hills, deep mud, long creeks, pull down walls, rocks, and colossal outback hills! Competitors will be put to the test as they navigate long stages and unpredictable hours. They will test not only their cars but also their mind and bodies. 

Day 6

Day 6 brings the competition groups together again for the first time in 5 days on the Friday night with all teams camping together to share their experiences around a campfire  or will it be the last chance for us to send them out for one more late night racing.

Day 7

Competitors will leave camp for the last stage of the event heading back to cross the highly anticipated finish line. Racers will cross the line surrounded by spectators, pit crews, marshals, sponsors and racing enthusiasts to not only celebrate the winner, but also the seemingly impossible achievements by all who completed the race.

The event will end with a presentation to commemorate and applaud everyone who participated, acknowledge those who volunteered their time, and greatly thank and recognise those who sponsored the event.

Competitor Expression of Interest  

                                        Please contact Justin or on 0400699957