2024 Australian Ultimate 4×4 Challenge

22nd September – 28th september


Ultimate 4×4 Challenge

Event Overview

The Australian Ultimate 4×4 Challenge is coordinated by an experienced team consisting of event organisers, marshals, drivers, navigators and 4×4 enthusiasts.  Set to be one of Australia’s biggest 4×4 winch challenge events, the event is located on several different farm stations east of Broken Hill.

This winch challenge 4wd event will run over seven days where drivers and navigators will need to be self-sufficient to the finish line. Covering several properties from Sandy Creeks, Sandy Dunes, rocky hills and Old Station Tracks, competitors will need to live from their cars and only have access to water and fuel, everything else they must carry, including spare parts. Find out more about the Ultimate 4×4 event; specate, sponsor or compete!

The 4WD Shed Challenge Event Overview

The 4wd Shed Challenge is the first of its type race in Victoria.

It’s a 3-car team event that is run over 24 hours.

Each team will have 1 car on track at all times and then pull in and the next team member will move on and have their shot.

It’s held just out off Bendigo at Bagshot raceway. We will be doing multiple laps with added obstacles to keep everyone amused and on their toes!